Expert in embedded electronics development
  • Prototype developing

    Electronic product design

    Embedded system development

    Assistance for PCB manufacturing

    Assistance for soldering electronic parts

    Initial prototype "bring-up"

    Prototype testing

     Launching to mass production 

    JTAG-tests develop

  • Development of embedded software

    Development without operating systems

    Development with operating systems

    Platform software development

    Digital signal processing algorithms development

    Quality assurance

  • Circuit design solution development

    Use of modern components

    Optimization of project according to various criteria

    Devices with power supply by battery

    Circuit design solutions modeling

    Complete packet of design documentation

  • User interface design

    Development of the project design concept

    Development of the semantic core

    Interface visualization

    System integration


  • PCB routing

    Optimization of elements location and board size

    Signal integrity calculation

    Electromagnetic compatibility calculation

    Connections impedance calculation

  • Preparation for manufacturing

    Thermal simulation

    3D modeling

    Coordination with manufacturing requirements

    Preparation of a design documentation packet

  • Electronic components insertion

    Manual insertion

    Insertion at the automated line

    Manufacture preparation for insertion

    Insertion of BGA, FLIP-Chip, CSP, QFP, SMD

Our Principles
  • Privacy

    we protect intellectual property

  • Understanding

    we understand the needs of the customer

  • Competence and quality

    in all that we do

  • Enthusiasm

    we are fully committed to our work

  • Trust

    in building long term relationships

  • Unique

    in the development of new technologies

  • Openness and honesty

    in our work

– an innovative company focused on providing services in the field of embedded systems.
Highly qualified specialists solve engineering problems associated with the development and application of embedded systems. Our customers are companies operating in various spheres of human activity: process automation, automotive, banking, consumer electronics, telecommunications, retail, etc.
News & Events
  • 05.05.2016 12:09:00

    Developing for ARM is easier to use Lauterbach Trace32
    Lauterbach TRACE32 ICD In-Circuit Debugger has supported debugging of multicore SoCs. Lauterbach is now expanding its multicore debugging concept based on experience gained from many customer projects. To achieve optimum functionality and performance, several cores are increasingly being integrated to create a system-on-chip (SoC). Use of RISC processors merged with one or several DSPs is widespread; however, other combinations are also in use. In multicore designs, generally only one debug interface is provided for all cores in order to save on pins and costs.
  • 15.08.2015 11:52:00

    Developers of the AXONIM Devices company go on increase!
    The AXONIM Devices company suggests the developers to pass examination - ARM Accredited Engineers.
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